Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC)-Ethiopia is an indigenous non profit, non-governmental and non-political community based humanitarian organization dedicated to making a significant difference for orphans, vulnerable children and widows in the densely populated Zones in Southern Ethiopia.

FOVC-Ethiopia was founded by a young Ethiopian engineer, Desalegn Daka, in August 2006 and started its humanitarian work in 2006 with five orphans, three vulnerable children and one widow in Damot Pulasa, Wolaita Zone with the aim of assuring that all orphans and vulnerable children grow up in safe, permanent families, with access to quality education and the help they need to be successful in life.

FOVC-Ethiopia envisions enabling orphans, vulnerable children and widows to overcome poverty and to have the chance to become responsible, productive and happy individuals.

Since its establishment in August 2006 FOVC-Ethiopia has carried out several activities in Damot Pulasa woreda/district/ of Wolaita Zone and Dale and Boricha woredas of Sidama Zone in SNNP Region, Ethiopia.

The following are some of the major past achievements of FOVC-Ethiopia:

  • 57 orphans and 7 vulnerable children are provided with a meal, education materials, school fee, school supplies, school uniforms, clothing, shoes and medical care in Shanto village, Damot Pulasa Woreda of Wolaita Zone;
  • 128 chickens and roosters were offered to 64 orphaned and vulnerable children in order to rise chickens as their beginning asset;
  • 8 animals were provided to 8 widows;
  • 8 widows were trained life changing skill of sewing project;
  • 3 sewing machines were bought for widows;
  • 37 orphaned children are being supported in schooling in Dale and Borcha Woredas of Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia;
  • 37 orphans were provided school supplies, school materials, cloths, shoes and medical supplies in Dale and Boricha of Sidama Zone.







3 responses to “FOVC-ETHIOPIA

  1. D

    I thank Almighty God what He is doing in this world. Also I would like to thank those people helping others. Please don’t give up. God with you

  2. fovcethiopia

    Dear Lory, Dave, Allison, Abby, Bereket and Amelia Howlett, we love you too! We don’t have enough words to express our love, respect and etc. for you. God is Great and He may Bless You!!

  3. fovcethiopia

    Together, we can offer hope to these children!

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