FRIENDS OF ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN (FOVC) works to enrich the lives of orphans by providing for their basic needs including shelter /foster home/, food, medical care, quality education, cognitive and emotional development. We know we cannot save every orphan in Ethiopia, but possibly as a global community, with one person or one organization we could make a difference.

It will be a daunting task, no question. But we believe that every child everywhere deserves good food, clean clothes, medical care, quality education and love? Kids in Wolaita are waiting for us to say, “We have enough to give you a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear…”

If you feel you can help in anyway, large or small, we ask you to contact us at E-mail: and/or You can also participate in one of the following ways. FOVC thanks you in advance for all that you will do on behalf of these children.


Are you or do you know an individual, a community or church organization that would be willing to undertake a fundraiser or even take up a special collection to help create a home for children who have none?

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC) projects to aid Ethiopia’s orphans and vulnerable children are supported, in part, by groups and individuals who sponsor fundraising events and projects. Church and civic groups, clubs, schools, and businesses are all invited to help us in this important mission.

YOUR group can change the world for orphans and vulnerable children in Ethiopia. Would your Civic, Church or School Group like to get involved? If so please contact Lory Howlett at E-mail:


Too many Ethiopian children do not get to go to school. An education is a luxury that is simply out of reach. A lack of education creates a cycle of poverty that, to us, is not acceptable. Please join us in helping to change the life of a deserving child whose greatest dream is just to go to school.

For just $30 a month, you can provide food, clean clothes, shoes, school uniform, and quality education to change the life of an Ethiopian child. Through this cooperative educational sponsorship program, you can literally change the life of vulnerable Ethiopian child.  They need you to help them realize their dream of getting an education.

Please contact us to find out more and to see the children who are waiting for that special person to be their educational sponsor. In Damot Pulasa there are many hundreds of orphans who need your urgent support. Currently there are about 24 orphans in our waiting list. So please contact us to sponsor one or more orphan children at E-mail: and/or


FOVC’s first project to improve the lives of Ethiopian orphans and vulnerable children will be constructing of an orphanage with eighteen bedrooms for orphans who need special care before they are given to their permanent home which we call foster home. The Orphanage will offer a superior level of care, nutritious food, medical attention, and educational opportunities to the highly malnourished and diseased children until their body is restored. After checking their health status, children will join carefully selected foster family. To build an orphanage with its full facility it costs about $78,000.00.

We are proud to announce that FOVC now has a land of about 2 acres which is given by local government. The site of FOVC is a spacious place for the kids to learn and play.  Our goal now is to raise $78,000.00 much fund to help us to build an orphanage.

We cannot achieve this goal alone. We need YOUR help!  By joining in our fight, you could change the world for hundreds of orphaned children in Ethiopia.


In Ethiopia, many children are living in extreme poverty in one parent homes. Because of abandonment, death from AIDS and malaria, mothers are alone, trying to keep the family together but most have neither education nor skills to provide properly for the family.  Partnership will help meet physical, educational and spiritual needs to help prevent children from becoming orphans. FOVC carries the following life changing projects through its Widows Hope Program (WHP). With the help of partners like you, in average, a life of thirty five siblings and seven widows will be changed in each project for years to come!


Rising food prices have made the lives of subsistence farmers in Ethiopia even more precarious. For the rural poor, close-to-the-earth assets such as farm animals and poultry are a longed-for source of financial and food stability. A flock of chickens, goats, sheep and cows means nutritious eggs, meat, cheese, protein and so and so for the family’s children, as well as providing a source of income that can help make the difference between crushing poverty and the ability to build toward a better future.

In our culture goats, sheep, cows and hens are a valuable asset for families and communities, but many people cannot afford them.  Livestock can supply a family with several quarts of milk each day—important nutrition for undernourished children. Extra milk can be made into cheese or yogurt and sold to make extra money for the family. Livestock manure can be used to fertilize gardens and fields. Goats and sheep have two or three kids a year, enabling families to start small dairies. With their earnings, widows can afford food, education and health care to their siblings.

Give the gift of a livestock to a group of widows in Damot Pulasa! It costs $3,270.75 to provide a pair (one male and female) goats, sheep, hens and cows for each widow in a group. And then, see how you make a poor people health and wealth, with your small blessed money.


When normal agricultural cycles are disrupted and sources of crop seeds are gone, people struggle to survive at the most basic level. Sadly, this is all too often the case in Damot Pulasa, Ethiopia. But a loan of $1,874.25, provides 100 Kg of seeds— nourishing maize, teff, beans, a quintal of potatoes and onions providing food for a group of seven widows each has five siblings in average. In other hand a loan of $1,874.25 provides food for (5×7+7 = 42) people for years to come! Now isn’t that a seed worth sowing?


In this project FOVC provides materials and teaches HIV/AIDS widows how to make handcrafts, which can be sold as a means of income. Wolaita people are famous for its abundance of colorful textile crafts, and for the artistry and creativity of its traditional craftswomen. For a group of seven widows which wants to start a small crafting business for life changing income, however, the initial investment in raw materials can be beyond the group’s or widows’ means. Training widows and allowing them to exercise their creativity and create handworks to sell can help make the difference between crushing poverty and the ability to build toward a better future.

Providing funds to pay for thread and material, to make scarves, potters, etc. to sell, can take an abandoned mother from starvation to self-sustaining survival. A group of seven widows needs a loan for $8,583.75 to start this project in group. After the widows repay the microloan to FOVC, the money will fund another group of seven widows, and then another, and then another… creating a “pay it forward” effect that touches many lives of widows in Damot Pulasa.

We believe that if they are trained and provided with necessary facilities, it will be the best income generating opportunity for them. There are many markets for the products to sell. As experience shows many trusts and guests visiting the Woreda are also very interested in the products.

The project has a secondary function since it acts as a valuable support group within the community, where the widows can make friends and share the challenges of being HIV positive.

We encourage the volunteers to support these women through purchasing some of their crafts made by the women.


Some struggling but hard-working widows in Damot Pulasa, Ethiopia simply need someone to invest in their desire to provide for their families on their own.  A group of seven widows, in average each widow has got five siblings, needs a loan for $18,789.75. All widows are lost their beloved one to HIV/AIDS or other preventable diseases. They can open a shop with a loan – and pay it back so others can benefit. Local government promises to give a piece of lands to build small shops with area of 3x4m2.


What if it were your child? What if your child had nothing and no one? What if your child had no where to sleep at night…no food to eat…no one to give them a hug or protect them from the dark? What if your child had to suffer through illness because there was no medicine, no doctor?  No child should have to live that way…not yours, not ours, not the children of Ethiopia…no child.

So little can do so much…

Even a tenth portion of a dollar can make a difference in the lives of these deserving children in Ethiopia.

Make a one time donation or become a monthly sponsor TODAY:

Either Mail a check of Donation to:


P.O. Box 409




To make a direct transfer from your account to our account, our Bank details are shown below.



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 504 351 443 8058

If you require a receipt or acknowledgement of donations made via bank transfer and mail please contact us to confirm your donation and contact details. For your request and more information please contact us at E-mail: or

NB: Please make all checks or money orders payable to Ato Desalegn Daka Gidebo. Thank You for Your Donation!!!


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