Wolaita Zone

Wolaita is located in the southern part of Ethiopia with in the area of about 4,400 square kilo meters. The northern tip of the boundary of Wolaita is at about 360 km south from the capital Addis Ababa.


Soddo, the Capital town of Wolaita Zone, is one of the 22 reformed towns in the Regional State considered by the government in its program to develop the living standards of the town dwellers as well as making the town attractive and beautiful for living. It is also a residence for tourists that travel from different directions (Addis Ababa, Shashemene, Hawassa, Arba-Minch) to Soddo & Arba-Minch. The town is located 385km from Addis Ababa and 155km from Hawassa to the southwest. There are two main asphalt roads running from Addis to Soddo (one comes via Shashemene the other via Butajira). The town shows very fast growth with the construction of more than 20km internal asphalt roads, different standard hotels, restaurants.

Soddo connects many of the region Zones and Special Woreda and has four main doors. These are Soddo-Arba-minch-Jinka, Soddo-Maze National Park-Sawla (Gofa and Basketo), Soddo-Waka-Tercha-Ameya or Jima and Soddo-Shashemne-Addis Ababa (Hawassa)


Shanto is one of 12 small towns in Wolaita Zone. It is an administrative town of Damot Pulasa Woreda. Its population is about 8,000. Shanto is located about 360 km from Addis and 130 km from Hawassa (Awassa) to the southwest. It is about 25 km from Soddo (Wolaita Soddo) to Northwest.

Attractions: Wolaita Zone is endowed with rich cultural, historical and natural attractions. Waterfalls (Ajora), Hot springs, historical caves, stelae, historical defensive wall and ditches, ancient cemeteries, living social practices (weaving, pottery,  bamboo work, ) traditional food, dressing, funeral, ritual, holiday ceremonies (Maskala), Music & Dance.

Place to stay and eat:  Bekele Mola Hotel, Green Land Hotel, Wolaita Wubet Hotel, Axum Hotel, Baltu Hotel, Fanta Vission Hotel, Eyerusalem Penision, Wolaita Soddo Comfort Hotel.

Market: The most interesting markets in Wolaita Zone include: Shanto (Thursday from 1pm to 7pm), Soddo (Saturday), Areka (Tuesday), and Boditti (Tuesday & Saturday).



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