Beauties in South Ethiopia, Sidama Zone

This week I have been to Bensa Daye Woreda in Sidama Zone and I took some pictures (Even though I am not a professional photographer,I tried my best to do it). Bensa Daye is some 135 km far away from Awassa and 270 km from Wolaita Soddo. Naturally Bensa Daye is the source of Ethiopian coffee and other beautiful fruits like banana etc.

Tabour Terara ( Mount Tabour) just 5 km away from Awassa

Large Cattle field near Aleta Wondo, about 50 km away from Awassa

Sidama Cultural Hats ( Sidamas are using the same ways to build their hats with Wolaitas). According to the experts these hats have 50 up to 100 years life span. Surprising!!!

Inset (False Banana) is the main edible plant in the whole parts of Southern region. It is evergreen plant. If a family has no any of it in its garden, that family is said to be  extremely poor in our culture. In my experience, I know many families who have no any “Inset” in their garden, that mean there are many poor families in the region. I am not talking about the poorness relative to the world but about the poorness of the people among themselves (the region). If we talk the poorness relative to the other, it has many worst things to be raised!!! FOVC works to end the cycle of poverty in the region, particularily in Shanto. We invite you to be a part of this mission to reach suffering children and families in the region. We can do it together!!!

Beauties of the Region. Enjoy it!!!



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2 responses to “Beauties in South Ethiopia, Sidama Zone

  1. I know that the false banana roots are used to make a muffin like bread for their staple food. I was in Durame last summer and have a son born in the wolaita region. As we drove along, I wondered how I could specifically get involved with loving on and educating these people. As I read this post, I wonder how possible it would be to cultivate and propagate false banana trees for families to have.

    Tamara B

  2. Oh, Lory thanks! Bensa Daye is one of the sister Woradas of Dale, Yirgalem, Bereket’s birth place. So it has many blessing things!!! We will visit Dale when you come to Ethiopia next year. Thanks!!!

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