Many thanks to Stacey and Stephen (the former becomes FOVC’s Board Member), our children have got many beautiful clothing, shoes, school supplies, school materials and much love. The problem of clothing and shoes has many impacts on the children’s health, psychology, and even on their learning presses.

Health: as you all know well elephantiasis (is a disease that is characterized by the thickening of the skin and underlying tissues, especially in the legs) is one of the biggest problems the children face in Southern Ethiopia due to the lack of shoes or anything to cover feet while walking. Many children are suffering from this simple and preventable disease in the region because most of the children in the region are not wearing shoes when they walk. But today thanks to our generous donors, FOVC has got beautiful and neat shoes, for its needy children and distributed them properly (no supplies are wasted!).

Psychological problem: Yeah! Naturally everybody seeks he/she has had something like his/her friend has. This wish becomes higher in the case of children. If there is nobody to respond for his/her desire, a child immediately concludes that he/she has no one to love, care for and guide. This has a great impact on the child’s psychology.

Learning process: for a child, basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter are as important as oil is important for an engine to function. Most poor children in the village, where FOVC works, drop out from school to search for their basic necessity. Most small and beautiful girls in the village go to some towns like Awassa, Shashemene and Arba Minch to serve as labor and in other ways. But today thanks to Stacey, my beautiful children like Mihiret, Mistire and Lidia have got shoes and clothing to fill that gap. From now onward, these small children will not bother about clothing, shoes, school supplies and school materials! Thank you Stacey for these all! You are wonderful!!!

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