Today the staff of FOVC at Shanto has received an official letter from the local government which appeals for help for 25 orphans and vulnerable children. Even though FOVC’s 2003 E.C. plan is to add only 12 more orphaned children, we couldn’t leave alone any of these children. The history of each child breaks our hearts. The one which touched our hearts the most is the history of two young orphaned twin girls, whose mother passed away after giving away and their father is not known. Their name is Konjit and Workinesh. They are four years and eight months old and currently living with their grandfather who is too poor and old to support the twins and his own children.

Their grandfather brought the twins to our office at Shanto and said “I couldn’t feed these twin children even for a day and I don’t want to see their death.” His expression by his own language was very strong and made the whole staff cry for long time.
There are many hundreds and thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children like the twins in and around Shanto who need immediate support to sustain their lives. We know that at this time FOVC has limited resources to support these all 25 orphans and vulnerable children in addition to its orphans. However, we believe that God is good and we will try our best and wait God for the rest.
The twins are too young to be left as orphans and friendless. They need our supports to live, eat, learn and wear and etc. Do you want to support a child or children with FOVC to break the cycle of poverty and hunger through child sponsorship? If so please contact FOVC’s Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator Sharon Bonnett at for your more information about FOVC’s Child Sponsorship Program. Thank you all for your consideration to support poorest orphans in the world!!!


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