New School Uniform!

Most of the time clothing and Shoes are the next main problems my children are facing here in Shanto, Ethiopia next to food and shelter. As you can see from the pictures below which our social worker took before the couples of weeks ago my children were in their old and tattered clothing and most of them have no any shoes. To solve the problem of clothing in some extent we provided the children with these beautiful school uniform. I know  that Team Tasfa is also working to solve my children’s clothing and shoes problem.  And Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. is also collecting beautiful backpacks to send us with Team Tasfa. I am really too much excited to see huge smiles and joy of my little and sweet children.

My Children in Their Old Clothing.

My Children in Their Old Chlothing.

My Children in Their Beautiful School Uniform.

Thank you all for bringing this beautiful smile to the faces of my little children!!!





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6 responses to “New School Uniform!

  1. Hooray for new uniforms, and smiling faces. Can’t wait to see the kids with the backpacks!

  2. the uniforms are great, i am trying to pick Asfawa -our boy-out of the crowd, not sure if he is in there… any help? 🙂

  3. Rick Negvesky

    How exciting. The uniforms look great and the chidlren look very happy. Less than 40 days and we will see you all!!

  4. Oh! I am so thrilled to see these smiling faces! Can’t wait to meet all of you very soon!

  5. Such beautiful, smiling faces! The uniforms look wonderful!

  6. Desalegn…these look great! Congrats to the children of Shanto and the love of Christ the staff is showing towards them!

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