First of all, on behalf of FOVC’s staff and children here in Shanto, I wish a happy Christmas to all of you. FOVC becomes a great hope to the people of Shanto due to your great and continued supports. We thank you all for these uncountable support and we also need your relentless support in the coming years too. We depend on our supporters to bring a big difference in the lives of poor orphaned children and widows in Shanto and in other parts of Ethiopia.

Your donations have many impacts in the lives of poor children and widows. The children with old and tattered clothing are being given new and beautiful cloths and shoes. Many of poorest orphaned children are matched with their great sponsors.

As you have seen from my last post, FOVC’s Widows Hope Program (WHP) is highly believed that it has many impacts in the life of a poor widow, her children, her parents and her husband’s parents live. Here you can observe the pictures below how happy are the widows while they are receiving animals from FOVC.

Thank you, Denise, EOR and FOVC’s Board Members for this great happiness. Denise, we have especial thanks for you for funding our live stock development project through EOR. Your fund will help us to provide caws, oxen, goats, sheep and hens for a group of poor widows. You cannot believe how your small blessed money makes poor people health and wealth here in Shanto, Ethiopia!



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One response to “WHP: A GREAT HOPE TO SHANTO

  1. Denise Livingston

    Oh Desalegn! I just came across your thank you message on FOVC’s blog yesterday!! So, forgive me for not responding earlier. I am so glad that our donation could make a difference in widows’ lives there in Shanto. My husband and I think you are doing amazing things there and through FOVC, we would like to help more!! We hope to meet you in Shanto someday. All the best, Denise and Steve Livingston.

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