An Observable Difference You Made in Widows’ Live in Ethiopia

The initial dream of FOVC-Ethiopia is ensuring that all orphaned children grow up in safe, permanent family, with access to quality education and the help they need to be success in their life. To this end, FOVC-Ethiopia provides holistic support to the children through its HOPE Child Sponsorship Program. Children are provided with hot meal in each school day, educational materials, hygiene and health care supplies, school uniforms and shoes, school fees and many more.

But, in Shanto, many children are living in extreme poverty in one parent home. In most cases, mothers are raising 4-7 children alone. The only properties which are left for the entire family from the widows late husbands are land and small traditional huts and hence their only opportunity to keep their family together is agriculture and agriculture only. However, when the normal agricultural cycle disrupted by factors like scanty rain fall, seeds for the next harvesting period will gone & the ability of the widows to buy seeds with better output in reference with the escalation of price of the seeds that emanates from shortage of supply of the required amount of seeds in the market, faces great difficulty. To tighten the gap associated with such conditions so that to keep children from becoming full orphans, FOVC drawn strategy to address the widows in abject poverty. Among the strategies is accessing seed crops and fertilizers for the widows at the project intervention sites in Southern Ethiopia.

Trunge Oyda is one of the widows who was provided with improved seeds and fertilizers in the last crop planting season. Now her farmland is full of maize crop is ready for harvesting and meanwhile she was provided with seed of red beans to blind with the maize and it is growing very well.



Turunge has been using some of the maize for food since it was matured and she will collect the remaining to keep in store for the future use. Red beans will be collected soon after the maize crop is collected.

Shubure Bachore is another widow who were provided with improved seeds and fertilizer. She said it was difficult for her to find money to buy improved seeds and fertilizers and my land was idle for long time. But with seeds and fertilizers which was provided by FOVC I could sow my whole land and thanks to Lord my children will not be hungry this year. She said she will harvest the product and will keep it in store for the future use. She has also prepared the land to plant red beans.



Marta Buche is another widow who was included in this program. She has big and fertile land but high prices of fertilizer and improved seeds where a big problem for her. Through the program she was provided with enough fertilizer and seeds for her land. She says now I can feed my children without any worry for future. She also says she will collect the product and will keep in safe place for the future use.




Another widow who was included in this program is Litishe. Her late husband left her a big, fertile land. But it was dream for her to buy fertilizers and improved seeds due to price escalation in the market. She used to plant not improved seeds without any fertilizer and her previous product was unsatisfactory and enough for two months only. But now she says with the fertilizer and the improved seeds, which FOVC provided, my life is changed. She said “I can collect tenfold product than before”.



The following pictures show other widows and their products:


W/ro Aster Anja in her farmland





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3 responses to “An Observable Difference You Made in Widows’ Live in Ethiopia

  1. Great to see Desalegn. Thanks for sharing! Have the widows been composting to use as fertilizer?

  2. Love seeing them ready for a great harvest.

  3. Such happy news! So excited to see the bounty of FOVC grow and grow and grow!

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