FOVC is Seeking for Volunteer Sponsorship Coordinator

Volunteers are not only an essential part of FOVC’s success; they’re a crucial part of everything that powers FOVC’s effort. That’s why I’m happy to announce that we are expanding our efforts to help more children and their families in Southern Ethiopia.

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC) is creating a new volunteer position for gifted people like you in the United States, people who have a link with Ethiopia through adoption or other ways to get involved in its humanitarian works in the Sidama zone of Southern Ethiopia and helping the Sidama people.

The Volunteer Sponsorship Coordinator position focuses on connecting children in desperate need with people who want to help and create community-to-community relationships in the SNNPR, Ethiopia. The role has two expectations:

First, the person will commit up to 7 hours per week over the Internet to answer questions, manage expectations and work as our point of contact for this program. You will receive regular updates and pictures on the status of each child and capital project from our on-site coordinator. The second part would require the coordinator to organize an annual trip to Ethiopia for sponsors, donors or prospective funders to see the location, meet the children and see FOVC’s work in the field.

We view this as a fantastic role in not only helping the children of Sidama zone but a crucial part in making FOVC’s programs successful. We welcome a broad range of skillsets to help innovate this new position for the betterment of the children and their families. While organization is key, a strong and caring heart is essential for this role.

Please let us know if you, your family or any potential contacts have interest and I will provide you with full information on the position and the works of FOVC in Ethiopia. Contact us through


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