Ermias’ Road to Success!

Meet Ermias Ingida from FOVC Shanto Center of H.O.P.E.

Ermias is a 15 year old teenager who lives in Damot Pulassa Woreda of Wolayta Zone, Ethiopia. He joined FOVC when FOVC started its humanitarian work in 2006 in southern Ethiopia.

DSC05979DSC05978 (2) DSC05977 (2)

Ermias in Shanto Secondary and Preparatory School now

The boy was able to get support from our H.O.P.E. Child Sponsorship Program for orphans and vulnerable children. His mother was also able to benefit from the Widows Hope Poultry and Livestock Development Project we offer to poor widows. While he has benefited from our programs, he is also a shining success too.

DSC03950 DSC03951 DSC03952Ermias and his mom in July 2013 and receiving animal donation

Ermias is now grade 9th student at our Shanto Secondary and Preparatory school. Academically, he is very intelligent. He passed to grade nine with outstanding scores.

“I am lucky that I get this chance, because if I didn’t get this chance I would have been stayed in my house, while my peers in my village would go to school,” said Ermias.

What makes his situation difficult is that he is the eldest son and unfortunately he lost his beloved father when he was a little boy. So he has to take care of his family by earning money for their basic needs.

Can you imagine how it will be difficult for a teenager to take responsibility for his family? Thanks to our beloved sponsors, Ermias and his family have been relieved of the worst-case situation. Today, Ermias is enjoying school without several difficult family responsibilities. His family also benefits from the dairy products of cows and sheep provided to them. And because he is learning, their future is filled with new potential to escape poverty for good.

ermias's mom

new calf, new sheep, and original cow after a year (original sheep was soled for important family need after giving new offspring)

While I was visiting Ermias’ family in June 2014 to assess the impact of our Livestock Development Project

Ermias is perfect example of the children who are born with good potential, talents and gifts but could not get access to education because of financial and material hardships for schooling. We’re happy to report that Ermias is beginning his road with many successes.


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