About Us

Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC)-Ethiopia is an indigenous non profit, non-governmental and non-political community based humanitarian organization dedicated to making a significant difference for orphans, vulnerable children and widows in the densely populated Zones in Southern Ethiopia.

FOVC-Ethiopia was founded by Desalegn Daka in August 2006 and started its humanitarian work in 2006 with five orphans, three vulnerable children and one widow in Damot Pulasa, Wolaita Zone with the aim of assuring that all orphans and vulnerable children grow up in safe, permanent families, with access to quality education and the help they need to be successful in life.

FOVC-Ethiopia was re-registered and licensed by Wolaita Zone Justice Department on Nov, 30/2010 under registration license number 29-03-03 and signed project agreement with relevant government offices for four years (2011 to 2014). Moreover, FOVC-Ethiopia is re-registered and licensed by SNNPRS Justice Bureau in accordance with Ethiopian Charities and Societies Proclamation no. 629/2009 and bearing registration no. 229/10/2004.


FOVC-Ethiopia envisions enabling orphans, vulnerable children and widows to overcome poverty and to have the chance to become responsible, productive and happy individuals.


FOVC-Ethiopia’s mission is to educate and support orphans and vulnerable children and training life changing skills to widows and empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and hunger as we offer them hope and independence for the future.


FOVC’s general goal is to end hunger and poverty by teaching widows, OVCs and providing opportunities to promote self sufficiency.

Core Values & Principles of FOVC:

  • Participation: OVC, destitute elders and mother’s will be empowered and should always be consulted to point out the pros and cons of the plan accomplishment.
  • Accountability and Responsiveness: FOVC-Ethiopia will give its great attention for the overall implantation of the plan and highly accountable for the problems that abrupt at plan execution period.
  • Equity:  commitment to serve marginalized segments of the community in need with no regard to religion, sex, ethnicity, political affiliation, disability and health status.
  • Hardworking: FOVC-Ethiopia reinforces the culture of hardworking practice among the community
  • Transparency:  FOVC follows transparent way of service rendering at each break-even point of plan execution including staff recruiting.
  • Collaboration: – FOVC in reference with its plan and governing rules of the organization, especially collaborate on development aspects in its project implementation sites.

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  1. Lory, I wonder if you could post a map of where this woreda is in relationship to other areas.

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