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Meet Our New Communications Officer – Etsehiwot Afework

Etsehiwot AfeworkWe are pleased to announce the new hire of Etsehiwot Afework, Communications Officer, at FOVC Head Office in Hawassa.

Before joining FOVC Head Office as Communications Officer, Etsehiwot spent two and half years as teacher in Benevolence International School and Yisakor International School. In that school, she worked in kindergarten as a main teacher. By being main teacher, she helped the kids by making them academically computable and good. In addition, she was treating the kids psychologically which in return help them to be good at their education. Besides, she used to give free service for one month in Hawassa University 97.7 radio station.

Etsehiwot said, “I wanted to work with kids; that’s why I worked two and half years as kindergartner main teacher. And, now I get the chance to work with FOVC which is related to my former interest in working with kids. In my former experiences, I used to work with children who are raised by rich families. But this time working with orphans and vulnerable children will be new experience. So, I am pleased to work with these poor children who have no one to take care of them.”

Etsehiwot believes to practice the same role with FOVC; she wanted to develop the capacity of our organization with communications skills. She wants to practice all her knowledge for the sake of those poor kids.

She has got B.A degree from Addis Ababa University in Foreign Language and Literature. In her works, she will be assisted by grants manager, program managers and executive director who have extensive experience in their perspective positions. She will also be provided with technical supports, supervision and guidance by our volunteer communications manager. In addition to that, she will get continuous follow up from executive director and program manager; while she is working as communications officer.

With her assistance, we hope, our big challenge we face regarding communications with different stake holders and donors will be solved. We also expect that she will design and practice good communications strategy for our organization benefits. She will be working as communications officer for all programs in southern Ethiopia.

Etsehiwot is expected to exercise operational freedom to design and implement the organization’s communications strategy.

Please join us in providing a warm well come to Etsehiwot Afework. You can contact her at etsehiwoting@fovcethiopia.org or etsehiwoting@gmail.com

Desalegn Daka, Founder and Director, FOVC


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